Man & Machine presents the TruType Drape

Convenient Cleanable Keyboard Cover for Keyboard Education

Tru-Type Drape


The TruType Drape

Tru-Type Drape with handsIdeal for keyboard testing and training, the opaque Tru-Type Drape is dark enough so typing students can’t see the keys but thin enough to feel the home keys and provide excellent tactile feedback for keyboard education.

Easily wiped down between classes with regular school cleaning agents or disinfectants, the Tru-Type Drape prevents bacteria and infectious agents from being passed on to the next user. A cleaner, healthier environment for students and teachers alike is established.

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TruType Drape comes in packs of 3 for $24.45.

pack(s) of 3

Learning to type with Tru-Type Drapes & Petite Mice!

Booger! Drool! Vomit proof!

UCool pictures (black and white) that link to Man-Machine

For maximum protection, consider adding a washable UCool keyboard and disinfecable mouse. (Fitted drapes that snugly envelop the keyboard are available for the UCool model).

Together with Tru-Type Drape, you’ll have the cleanest keyboarding class in the history of the black fox jumped over the fence.